Gifts in Wills

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Gifts in Wills

Rebound WA is a charitable association and we rely on support from the Western Australian community, as well as our partners and sponsors.

Leaving a gift in your will to Rebound WA is one way you can help us in our mission to support people with physical disabilities lead a healthier, fuller and more connected life.

Include a gift to Rebound WA in your Will

Including a gift to Rebound WA in your Will is a powerful, special and lasting way to help people with physical disability to rebound from adversity.

Your gift will help create a world where there is no participation gap between the able bodied community and people with physical disabilities.

Your gift enables us to expand our services to more people with physical disabilities across WA. It means we can visit more hospitals and therapy providers to connect more people with our services. With your support we can provide more activities, more advice, more advocacy and more education. And ultimately help more people explore possibility and realise their own potential.

Your kindness can help ensure that children and adults with physical disabilities in WA are connected to an active community and don’t live in isolation.

Big or small, every gift left to Rebound WA helps to make a life-changing difference to people living with a physical disability in Western Australia.

If you have already included a gift in your Will, please accept our heartfelt thanks for your thoughtfulness, foresight and generosity. Please let us know so that we can thank you personally.

How to include a gift in your will

Including a gift to Rebound WA in your Will is very easy.  It’s something you can do at the same time as you are writing, amending or updating your Will.

  1. Speak with your solicitor about your will.  For help finding a solicitor, check out our list of useful links.

  • Ask your solicitor to include the type of gift of your choosing.
  • Make sure they include our correct legal name and Australian Business Number (Rebound WA ABN 64 621 590 101).

     2. Suggested language for your will:

This short clause contains all of the details of the gift that you’d like to leave behind to enable people with physical disabilities after you’ve gone.

Your solicitor may appreciate a copy of our Suggested Wording for Your Will for including a gift to Rebound WA. You can simply ask your solicitor to insert the appropriate clause selected from the wording below into your Will:

“I give free of all duties or taxes…

[Please insert here the appropriate statement selected from the 6 options below:]

  1. the whole of my estate
  2. [insert number] percent of my estate
  3. the residue of my estate
  4. [insert number] percent of the residue of my estate
  5. the sum of $ [insert value of your gift]
  6. [insert number] of my [insert name of shares] shares.

…to the Rebound WA (ABN 64 621 590 101) for its general purposes. The official receipt of the organisation shall be a full and sufficient discharge to my executor.”

Visit our useful links page to find a local solicitor or Trustee Company.

Did you know we host a range of activities for adults and children with disabilities to get active?

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