State Wheelchair Basketball League

Rebound WA Host’s the State’s Wheelchair Basketball Social League.

Wheelchair Basketball is the highest participation adaptive sport in Australia and is characterised by fast paced and dynamic team game play in specially designed sports wheelchairs. 

We’ve been running the social league since Wheelchair Basketball since 1958- when it was first played WA! Since then, at least one season has been played every year.  

With thanks to our presenting partner, Healthway, promoting the Act Belong Commit message, the State Wheelchair Basketball league is a great way to  get active and make friends!

If you would like to get started, find out more or have questions about any of the below please email your inquiry to 


How does Wheelchair Basketball differ from mainstream Basketball?

Many of the rules, such as points,  are similar to traditional basketball, however there are some adaptations specific to wheelchair basketball.  Here are some quick rules to keep in mind:

For complete rules, check out the IWBF complete rules, largely these are applicable to our competition although there are some modifications to suit a lower level of play.


Who is eligible to play? 

  The WA State Wheelchair Basketball League welcomes players with a physical impairment as well as able-bodied players.  It is open aged and mix gender. We have had players as young as 12 and well into their 60s! 

  • Players need to be able to self propel a manual wheelchair and have the capability to catch and pass a basketball.
  • At higher levels of competition, a ‘classification’ system comes into play which restricts able-bodied players from being involved and ensures an even mix of function levels among players, but we don’t worry about that in this competition.


Are there costs to participate?

  • Typically there is an individual registration fee in the range of $25 – $35 depending on the length of season.
  • Weekly games cost either:
    • $10 per person to use a Rebound WA owned sports wheelchair
    • $5 per person if you are supplying your own sports wheelchair

If you would like to pay for a full season upfront using NDIS funds, then we can issue an invoice. 


Do I need specialized equipment to join in the fun? 

While some participants bring their own sporty wheelchairs, Rebound WA also has a selection of chairs available for players. These chairs are streamlined, agile, and fun to zip around in – they are very much a piece of sporting equipment.


When is Wheelchair Basketball season? 

  • Rebound WA runs two seasons per year: March – June and August – December.
  • Once the season is running, games are usually held on Monday nights at 7pm and 8pm, except for public holidays.
  • Spectators are always welcome and there is no cost or ticket requirement, but please contact the Rebound WA office if you would like to check when the next games will be held. 


What does a season look like? 

  • Mondays during the season, two courts are reserved from 7:00 – 9:00 pm. 
  • One court is designated for A Grade and the other is for B Grade. 
  • Games last for one hour, so in total; on Mondays: 4 A Grade teams play; and 4 B Grade teams play. 
  • All games are refereed and also managed by a scorebench who time the game as well as tracking scores and fouls.
  • Towards the end of the season, there are playoffs that culminate in a Grand Final for both A Grade and B Grade. The structure of the finals system can change season to season to suit the number of teams and the amount of weeks available. 


How do I sign-up?

  • When are sign-ups accepted? You can register your interest with us any time and we will do our best to allocate you into a suitable team. Sometimes, especially late in a season, it can be tricky to find a place for a new player until the next season starts, but the earlier you let us know the easier it will be
  • How to sign up as an individual or a team: We can take interest from individuals or teams however the competition often runs at full team capacity so another team would need to be leaving for a complete new one to be able to join. 


How is A Grade or B Grade determined? 

  • B Grade is suitable for entry level and social players, A Grade is a bit more physically challenging although may suit more athletic and competitive new players.
  • If you would like to join,  but are not sure which Grade you may belong in, you can make a time with one of our staff to try out a basketball wheelchair, or feel free to come along and watch the games.  


Are there opportunities for more competitive play? 

  • Absolutely! WA has a representative men’s and women’s state team as well as a mixed state junior team. Many WA players are current, former or future Australian players!
  • Once you are engaged with the League, we can discuss what other opportunities may suit to take you further in the sport.


Rebound WA team is grateful to Healthway for partnering with us to promote the Act Belong Commit message through the State Wheelchair Basketball League.  Healthway has sponsored this program since 2021 and are deeply committed to advancing physical and mental well-being for all WA residents, including those with physical disabilities. Healthway also sponsors our youth programs,  Whiz Kidz and Spinners Youth Active.  Previously, Healthway sponsored the WA State Wheelchair Basketball teams (both the male and female teams now play as the Perth Wheelcats).