Loan Sports Equipment

Rebound WA is the place to try or borrow specialized sport equipment

Don’t let the cost of equipment get in the way of trying a new activity. Rebound WA has the following pieces of equipment you may borrow. 

If you decide you know the equipment and want to own it: Check out our guide for including your sport equipment in your NDIS plan  and chat to us about other funding options

To inquire into trying out equipment, please email: 


Borrowing Equipment 

Check out some of the equipment 

Racing Frame

 Frame Runner

Available in a variety of sizes from small children to adults, these frames are great for anyone who would like to try running and needs a little extra support provided by the seat and the belt. The frame runner proves that running is for everyone! [These frame runners were generously donated by Telethon and NDIS].

strycker attached to a wheelchair


This is handcycle unit attaches to your manual day chair! Just clamp it on and off you go. There are three power assist options to help you get around: just using your arms, arms and some power assist and full power assist, depending on your needs.   [This piece of equipment was generously donated to Rebound WA by Telethon.]


A road hand cycle

Road Handcycle

Smooth and fast with and entirely powered by your hands!

Handcycling is another name for adapted cycling, perfect for those who are unable to use a traditional bike and want to spend time with family and friends while also keeping active. This is a great option whether you’re going for solo rides or joining a group on roads and paved trails.

Basketball Wheelchairs

These chairs are agile, quick and ideal for basketball. They can be used for wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis, wheelchair dancing, wheelchair AFL, and badminton, just to name a few. We have various sizes to suit young kids all the way to adults wanting to play! [Rebound WA thanks donors for these sport wheelchairs including Telethon.]

2 wheelchair rugby chairs

Wheelchair Rugby

These wheelchairs are designed to take a beating!  The chairs are custom designed for wheelchair rugby, which originally was called Murderball, and are reinforced to take any contact. Players use two kinds of wheelchairs- offensive and defensive chairs. The one with the rack in the front is a defensive chair and is designed to hook other chairs. The one with the big bumper is an offensive chair and is designed to avoid being hooked.

This is a great sport option for those who may be impacted in 3 or more limbs, though we always encourage family and friends to get involved.Check out our Wheelchair Rugby Program. 

The Omeo

The Omeo is a personal mobility device that has a unique balanced-based movement technology that allows you to interact with the world in a revolutionary way, hands free! It can be used as an additional wheelchair, a piece of sports and recreational equipment, a general means of personal mobility for those who find it difficult or prefer not to walk.  The Omeo was a generous gift from Telethon.Learn more about the Omeo and watch it in action.   



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