Youth Programs

  Physical activity and developing peer bonds is critical for the well-being of youth with disabilities.

 Rebound WA hosts free programs designed for children and teens with physical disabilities and connects youth with sporting opportunities in WA.


Participation opportunities for children with physical disability are lower than able-bodied peers.

We are fortunate to have both Whiz Kidz and Spinners Youth Active programs presented by Healthway, promoting the Act Belong Commit message, and also supported by Telethon.

Through our Whiz Kidz, Spinners, and Family Camp programs, we aim to address this gap for youth with physical disabilities in WA.

Our sport and activity programs help children with disabilities build confidence and develop friendships with peers.

WHIZ KIDZ –  A tight knit community for the whole family!

Free to join:  Children with physical disabilities ages 5 – 12 years old  are provided the opportunity to get active, explore sports, and make new friends! [expand title=”See more…”]

Enough specialised sports equipment for the whole family- parents and siblings included to join in the fun and play games and sports on an even playing field!

4 Terms a year: Join us on Saturday mornings North of the River (Mirrabooka) and South of the River (Murdoch).

A wide range of activities: Wheelchair AFL, Canoeing and Rowing, Frame Running, Wheelchair Basketball, Wheelchair Rugby, Wheelchair Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Athletics, Badminton, Cycling, Table Tennis, Laser Blaze, and Dance

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SPINNERS YOUTH ACTIVE- Wheelchair basketball for youth 13+

Based in Melville, Spinners provides youth with physical disabilities a sense of community and support as they have fun learning wheelchair basketball skills. [expand title=”See more…”]

This is a bridge program for youth heading out of Whiz Kidz and gears them up for the social league- or even- playing at more competitive levels.  The program is facilitated by volunteers who are role models that can provide support for youth with disabilities in wheelchair sports and growing up as a person with a disability.

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In addition to Whiz Kidz and Spinners, we also offer Family Camp, which is supported by Telethon.

FAMILY CAMP – The highlight of the year!

A  weekend overnight camp for children with physical disabilities (5 – 12 years old) and their families.  [expand title=”See more…”]

School camps are an important part of Australian childhoods, but are often inaccessible to children with physical disabilities. They sit on the sidelines, watching able-bodied friends do all the fun activities- or may even be left out completely. Rebound WA provides children with physical disabilities experience camp as active participants. 

Rebound WA’s Family Camp removes barriers to adventure.  The weekend is packed with activities that nurture skills for problem-solving, confidence, and independence.  With a little help – a hoist- children with physical disabilities are able to partake in the flying fox! 

Camp friends are for life! At camp, kids with disabilities bond with each other in a way that can only be achieved at an immersive overnight camp environment. These friendships  build a sense of belonging that is particularly important for youth with disabilities.

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Program Sponsors

For 6 years, Rebound WA’s partnership with Healthway has promoted the valuable Act Belong Commit message and are grateful for their continuing support. [expand title=”See more…”] This program-focused partnership allows Rebound WA to present sport programs for children and adults with physical disabilities. Whiz Kidz and Spinners  Youth Active eliminate the sport participation gaps experienced by youth with physical disabilities.These programs help them become more active, foster a sense of physical confidence, and through a supportive community environment  develops a sense of belonging that is particularly crucial for the well-being of  youth  with disabilities.


Rebound WA’s Children’s programming is also supported by Telethon.  [expand title=”See more…”] In addition to sponsoring Whiz Kidz and the Spinners programs, Telethon also sponsors Family Camp, specialized equipment, and hospital visits for youth with physical disabilities. This year, Telethon procured race frames for youth with disabilities and a specialized wheelchair, the Omeo, that will help youth participate in activities from the park to the beach. We are grateful for Telethon’s commitment to the health and well-being of youth with disabilities in WA.


Did you know we host a range of activities for adults and children with disabilities to get active?

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