Wheelchair Rugby

A wheelchair rugby moment: Robyn Lambird's and a teammate''s wheelchairs are head to head blocking an opponent. Robyn's chair is tilted forward- and the back wheels are coming off the ground!
(2021 National Championships photos by Joep Buijs Photography)

Wheelchair Rugby

A sport like nothing else… Wheelchair Rugby is an intense, physical team sport for male and female players, played on a basketball court using highly specialised sports wheelchairs. See more...

Unlike most sports for people with a mobility impairment Wheelchair Rugby is not an adaptation of any other sport but was created specifically as a game for participants with impaired arm/hand and leg function.

The sport is characterised by contact between chairs although there is no contact permitted between players.

A team scores in Wheelchair Rugby when a player in possession of the ball crosses the goal line and there are roles on court for players with a wide range of different levels of function and physical impairment.

Who can play?

In WA anyone is allowed to play in our local competition! See more...

While the sport is designed for people who have impairment through all four limbs our social league has players who have only impaired leg function or no disability at all.
Wheelchair Rugby is played most weeks at the Herb Graham Recreation Centre on Wednesday nights – contact us to find out how you can get involved!


For competitive players there can be opportunities to move beyond the local competition to play against other states and even internationally, representing Australia! See more...

The WA State team are called the West Coast Enforcers and compete in the National Championships, the Australian team are called the Steelers and compete in World Championships and Paralympics.

Social Media

You can follow the program and WA State Team via their facebook page here

Photos: 2021 National Championships photos by Joep Buijs Photography and the 2021 Wheelchair Rugby fundraiser Come and Try event


Anti-Doping: Wheelchair Rugby WA and its participants fall under the Anti-Doping Guidelines of Sport Integrity Australian and World Wheelchair Rugby

Concussion: Wheelchair Rugby WA follows the World Wheelchair Rugby Concussion protocols

Match Fixing: Wheelchair Rugby WA abides by the Sport Integrity Australia recognised National Policy on Match Fixing in Sport