Super Series

What is the Rebound WA Super Series?

The Super Series is a Rebound WA initiative that allows us to provide more competition for WA athletes who participate in the sports of Athletics (track & field), Cycling or Swimming.

The Super Series measures individual participants against their own person best, providing an outcome that can be compared against athletes across different sports, disciplines and classifications.

Running over each ‘financial year’ the Super Series will have each participants record between three and five results over the five ‘Rounds’ of the Series.
The winner at the close of the Super Series is acknowledged at the Rebound WA Annual Awards the following November with prize money on offer for the top finishers.

Why take part?

The Super Series draws it’s results from events you are already doing!
If you are already running, pushing, throwing, cycling or swimming in events then you just need to send your results in to Rebound WA and they will be included in the Super Series.

The Series can provide a great guide for WA Athletes to see how well they are progressing against many others in WA while rewarding them for their hardwork.

How does ‘Personal Best’ become measurable between athletes and sports?

For each Round the participants will have their results compared to their previous PB and calculated as a percentage – for example attaining your own current PB is a result of 100% but beating your own PB by 5% creates a result of 105%.

With each participant ending up with a ‘percentage’ result each round scores are assigned, with the final Super Series result being determined by each athletes cumulative score.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved contact

Past Results

The 2016/17 Series results were awarded at the 2017 Rebound WA Awards Breakfast

1st Place – Robyn Lambird (track) 44 points, average percentage of PB +1.83%, season improvement +14.27%
2nd Place – Andrew Bannister (cycling) 43 points, average percentage of PB +0.88%, season improvement +3.7%
3rd Place – Sarah Edmiston (field) 42 points, average percentage of PB -0.58%, season improvement +8.32%

These results show that overall only a very minimal improvement is possible when measured against PB when it increases each time you beat it.
Sarah is a great example of this, having improved by more than 8% over the season but on ‘average’ she did worse than her PB. Despite a couple of poor events her good results were strong enough to ensure she tallied well and finished in 3rd place.

2016/17 Winner Robyn Lambird

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