Everyone has a story

Every one of our members has a story about what their life is like living with a physical disability and how we have helped them to explore possibility.


Ben’s story

Ben recently faced his fears, and abseiled down the 160 meter tall QV1 building in the Perth CBD to raise funds for kids programs run by Rebound WA. He is now contemplating jumping out of an airplane to raise even more funds to help those in need. The reason he keeps challenging himself? To inspire and open up opportunities for the younger generation living with disability.

As a kid, Ben often felt isolated and far from the action as he watched on from the sidelines as other kids took part in sports and recreational activities. The realisation that he could have an impact on the lives of other children in a similar situation as him, came about one day as he was setting up for a Whiz Kids session:

“On this particular day, they were running a session on wheelchair basketball, so I got to the stadium early and started setting up for the session.

While I was doing that, a mother and her young son in a wheelchair were looking for someone to talk to about the program. They had made their way up from Mandurah for this session. The mum shared how her little boy was 7 & he comes home from school feeling upset most days as he sits in the classrooms each day looking over the school oval while his peers played. This brought back a lot of memories of me doing the same thing as a kid; of just sitting alone in a corner while everyone else played on the oval.”

The kid had an amazing time, and kept coming back week after week.

“This is the reason I keep pushing the boundaries. So kids like us can be part of the action and no longer have to sit and watch from the sidelines.”

Georgia’s story

Georgia was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of three making it necessary for her to use a manual wheelchair.

After seeing the WA State wheelchair basketball team boarding a plane, Georgia’s mum Claire was amazed by the incredibly athletic and positive individuals and was inspired to find out more. This moment changed their family’s lives forever and within days, the whole family was welcomed into our community.

Since then, Georgia has been involved in our Whiz Kidz Program, some recreation camps, our Christmas party, and various social and recreation events. These programs offer a community where Georgia doesn’t feel different or marginalised, but allows her to develop confidence and improve self-esteem.

“For Georgia, sports is now all about being one of lots of kids who get around in a wheelchair.  She does not have any other kids in chairs at her school so it’s an opportunity for her to be one of many, rather than the only one.” (Georgia’s Mum)


Laavale’s story

Upon joining Rebound WA, a world of opportunities was opened up to Laavale.

After seeing the Paralympics playing while in his hospital bed, Laavale found Rebound WA and has already had his eyes opened to what is feasible.

“I met a lot of people through Rebound WA and they are just super-human… they don’t let anything restrict them.”


Jack’s story

When Jack’s parents found out that their son had Cerebral Palsy, the initial shock was tough to overcome.

After finding Rebound WA, they have found a community of other families and kids so that Jack can enjoy team sports like any other child.

“It makes me as a parent happy to know that there is something out there that my child can do… and look forward to every week.”



Ben’s story

Ben was born with Spina Bifida and joined Rebound WA when he was a child.

He attributes Rebound WA with giving him the strength and confidence to become the person that he is today.

“Rebound has been absolutely integral in my journey… the programs that Rebound WA run help young people with disabilities to grow and become stronger.”


Doug’s story

In 2010, Doug had a motorbike accident which left him as T6 level paraplegic.

Rehabilitation was a long and arduous journey for Doug but meeting Rebound WA helped restore some belief.

Since joining Rebound WA, Doug has been able to try various recreational activities as well as build up his general confidence.

“Rebound WA have been a big part of building my confidence back up so that I can come to TAFE and start learning again”


Andrew’s story

A lover of all things active and a recent graduate from University, Andrew was looking ahead at the next stage of his life when he moved to Queensland in 2008.

Andrew played soccer, basketball, taekwondo and had formed a passion for mountain biking.

In November 2008, Andrew and some of his friends decided to take on one of their favourite trails on a typical Sunday.

On this ride, Andrew hit a particular turn and before he knew it, he was about 4 meters in the air and everything turned into slow-motion.

The crash left Andrew paralysed from the waist down and after transferring back to WA, Andrew met Rebound WA.

“If Rebound WA wasn’t around, it would have taken me so much longer to discover that there were things out there for me to take part in.”


James’ story

James was born with a neurological disease called CMT. This impaires his ability to control fine motor-movements.

He was told several times throughout his life that he should avoid physical activity and that he wouldn’t be able to do sport.

After meeting Rebound WA, James’ life has changed and he now has a goal to train for.


Mark’s story

After a Motor Vehicle Accident that Mark suffered in December 2015, Mark was left as a below knee amputee.

Mark rigorously embarked in his rehabilitation and physiotherapy at Fiona Stanley Rehabilitation Hospital which is where he heard of Rebound WA.

Mark contacted Rebound WA to arrange a meeting to get involved and has already tried several sports including Wheelchair Basketball,

“I play Wheelchair Basketball every Tuesday as a part of “Some Assembly Required”. We definitely aren’t the best team in the competition but we certainly have the best banter!”

Keen to get started into the world of Disability Sports, Mark is a perfect example of a member rebounding from adversity.

Ceci’s story

Ceci was a confident, gregarious and very athletic young girl, enjoying all sports – especially gymnastics. After she suffered an incredibly rare stroke, she was left with significant paralysis and weakness down her right side. The stroke was life changing for her, as she felt she was unable to play sport with her friends.

In the months following her stroke, Ceci struggled to participate in sport, as she was embarrassed and felt different. However, after participating in a Rebound WA Athletics day, life changed for Ceci. Not only did enjoy being involved in sport again, but she came surprisingly close to breaking the race record in her first attempt. The experience spurred her on, as her future was not as bleak as she had first feared.


Did you know we host a range of activities for adults and children with disabilities to get active?

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