Everyone has a story

Mark’s story

After a Motor Vehicle Accident that Mark suffered in December 2015, Mark was left as a below knee amputee.

Mark rigorously embarked in his rehabilitation and physiotherapy at Fiona Stanley Rehabilitation Hospital which is where he heard of Rebound WA.

Mark contacted Rebound WA to arrange a meeting to get involved and has already tried several sports including Wheelchair Basketball,

“I play Wheelchair Basketball every Tuesday as a part of “Some Assembly Required”. We definitely aren’t the best team in the competition but we certainly have the best banter!”

Keen to get started into the world of Disability Sports, Mark is certainly a perfect example of a member rebounding from adversity.

Georgia’s story

Georgia was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at the age of three making it necessary for her to use a manual wheelchair.

After seeing the WA State wheelchair basketball team boarding a plane, Georgia’s mum Claire was amazed by the incredibly athletic and positive individuals and inspired to find out more. This moment changed their family’s lives forever and within days, the whole family was welcomed into our community.

Since then Georgia has been involved in our Whiz Kidz Program, some recreation camps, our Christmas party and various social and recreation events. All of these programs offer a community where Georgia doesn’t feel different or marginalised, but allows her to develop confidence and improve self-esteem.

“For Georgia, sports is now all about being one of lots of kids who get around in a wheelchair.  She does not have any other kids in chairs at her school so it’s an opportunity for her to be one of many, rather than the only one.” (Georgia’s Mum)

Taishar’s story

We met Taishar when the WheelLIFE program visited her school. Participation in that day led to Taishar getting involved with a range of our programs including our Junior Wheelchair Basketball Program and Junior Camps.

Her renewed self-confidence and independence led to her playing for the Be Active Western Stars in the Women’s National Wheelchair Basketball League. That provided the opportunity to travel and play interstate.

“You have given her immense confidence and the opportunity to travel without me hanging around. She has made great friends and it’s fantastic to see her laugh and enjoy herself. Her involvement has been one of the saviours of our family” (Taishar’s Mum)

Anneka’s story

Anneka was born with Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency. That means one of her legs is much shorter than the other. To be able to get around she needs custom made prosthetics and a crutch.

Anneka discovered Rebound WA when she attended a Junior Camp. “I discovered an amazing and caring community. It was one of the first times in my life I wasn’t the odd one out”.

From there she participated in our Junior Wheelchair Basketball program and promptly fell in love with the sport. Anneka’s new passion eventually led to her being selected to represent WA at the Junior National Championships. Anneka is now physically active and part of a strong supporting community.

Daniel’s story

Daniel has been a part of Rebound WA’s Junior Program for over seven years.

“There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that my son Daniel’s participation in the Junior Program has had a very positive impact on his life. His participation is invaluable in many ways, as it gives him a social life outside the family and gives him a goal in life. Being involved in the sport keeps him fit, active and healthy.”

Ceci’s story

Ceci was a confident, gregarious and very athletic young girl, enjoying all sports – especially gymnastics. After she suffered an incredibly rare stroke, she was left with significant paralysis and weakness down her right side. The stroke was life changing for her, as she felt she was unable to play sport with her friends.

In the months following her stroke, Ceci struggled to participate in sport, as she was embarrassed and felt different. However, after participating in a Rebound WA Athletics day, life changed for Ceci. Not only did enjoy being involved in sport again, but she came surprisingly close to breaking the race record in her first attempt. The experience spurred her on, as her future was not as bleak as she had first feared.