Whiz Kidz heads south of the river

Whiz Kidz heads south of the river

Whiz Kidz is heading South! Well south of the river. In order to make our services and programs even more accessible, Rebound WA will now be based at Murdoch Uni for their south of the river hub. This will help us extend our reach and provide more opportunities for kids to engage in accessible sports. With locations now available north and south of the river, there are even more opportunities to be involved and to stay physically active.

Free to join, free to join in, this program is a fantastic opportunity for kids to get active, play team or individual sports, and find a community where they fit in. Parents benefit from the community as well as they gain access to shared knowledge and experiences and find support in other parents who may be facing the same challenges as them.

With specialised equipment costing thousands of dollars to purchase, children now have the opportunity to try out various different activities. These range from arts, to sports, to active recreation. We have enough equipment available to accommodate able bodied friends and families so that they can play with our against their friends, families and siblings.

Did you know we host a range of activities for adults and children with disabilities to get active?

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