Thank You Rebound WA

Thank You Rebound WA

As the immediate past Chair of Rebound WA I would like to acknowledge all the award winners at our annual breakfast on November 11 2018. With special congratulations to Justin Eveson on his induction into our Sporting Hall of Fame. Justin had a long and distinguished sporting career representing Australia in Swimming and Basketball and certainly did us proud on the world stage over a number of years.


I would like to thank Rebound WA (previously Wheelchair Sports) for many years of fun. I first became involved with wheelchair basketball in the late 80’s when Carilyn Holmes asked me to come and help out. Whilst I spent 13 years on the Board there have been many more years of hands on involvement behind the scenes.


The time I have spent with members’ young and old has been enjoyable. We have had our ups and downs and to some extent reinvented our Association but one of the most valuable services we continue to provide in my mind are the Family Camps. When I attended my first I realised how valuable they are to our members and their parents. It is an event with real purpose and outcomes.


As time went on I realised how important it is for our members to interact and how important it is for us as an organisation to make that happen. As we lose direct sport involvement to the State Sporting Associations we must continue to find ways to stay connected and remain relevant to our members.


Fundraising is an important part of that and as our raffles steadily decline in popularity we continue to look for new ways to raise the necessary funds to continue our work. Abseiling and skydiving were never on my “to do” list but I did it and it was exhilarating and I thank everyone who supported me by making donations.


In the last few years I have been involved in organising our events such as the breakfast. This year I was sitting back and watching it unfold and enjoying the celebration. I was surprised and totally unprepared for the announcement of my Life Membership.


So I write this to thank those I should have acknowledged then-


The staff of Rebound WA (Wheelchair Sports) both past and present in particular Ray Yong who started us on this course of discovery and Simon and Linda for taking on the challenges it has bought with it. The Board members past and present for the hours they volunteer to keep us on track and work towards our shared vision. The life members of Rebound WA (Wheelchair Sports) and the members who have let me share their journeys and sporting experience through the highs and lows. Certainly the members of this organisation have given me more than I have given to them.


I will continue to be involved so I will see you around.


Thank you one and all for your kind words of support, encouragement and congratulations.


Did you know we host a range of activities for adults and children with disabilities to get active?

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