Skydive Challenge

Have you ever fancied feeling the rush of freefall from up to 14,000ft?

Would you like to do this for FREE?

Have you ever wanted to support a great cause?

If so, you are in luck! Rebound WA has collaborated with Skydive Geronimo to offer our supporters a great opportunity to experience ‘Australia’s best beach skydive’, whilst also supporting people with disabilities in Western Australia.

Posted by Skydive Geronimo Rottnest on Thursday, 27 July 2017

The Skydive Challenge

The Skydive Challenge is organised in partnership between Rebound WA and Skydive Geronimo. The main aim of the Challenge is to raise $20,000 for our charity in order to support people with a physical disability in WA.

We are pleased to partner with Skydive Geronimo, to offer supporters of Rebound WA the opportunity to take part in a 14,000 feet skydive at one of two unique WA tourism destinations – Rottnest Island or Busselton.

Skydive Geronimo’s team of dedicated and experienced staff provide outstanding tandem skydive experiences where first timers and dare devils alike, have the opportunity to skydive in two of Australia’s most picturesque drop zones.

The view is spectacular from 14,000ft as you free fall with your Tandem Skydive Instructor at 200kms per hour. The world then slows down as you glide over Busselton or Rottnest under your parachute, landing on the beach with friends and family waiting.


The normal cost for the 14,000ft skydives with Skydive Geronimo is $550 from Busselton or $600 from Rottnest. Rebound WA and Skydive Geronimo have partnered up to offer discounted skydives for supporters who fundraise for Rebound WA.

When you raise a minimum of $1,500 to support Rebound WA, your Skydive will be available at no cost.

Your package includes:

  • A tandem parachute jump from 14,000 feet at either Rottnest or Busselton.
  • A video and photo package to remember and treasure this unique experience.

N.B. If you can’t meet the fundraising target for your free Skydive but raise a minimum of $750, you will still be able to take part in the Skydive at a discounted rate.


When you have reached your fundraising target, you will receive your Skydive Voucher, valid for 12 months. Your Skydive Challenge can be done at any time throughout the year however Challengers may be grouped together to improve promotional opportunities.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Skydive Geronimo website has some fantastic resources and content to help calm your nerves. If you have a specific question, it may have already been asked:

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