Our team

Simon Mead, Chief Executive Officer

As our CEO, Simon is responsible for the overall management of Rebound WA. That means he oversees our programs and services, fundraising, partnerships, stakeholder engagement, marketing, administration, and governance. You can contact Simon on simon@reboundwa.com.

Hayden Lewis, Programs Coordinator

Hayden coordinates our sport and recreation programs. This includes national and WA competitions as well as liaising with individual sporting associations. You can contact Hayden on hayden@reboundwa.com.

Sam Starkie, Marketing and Communications Officer

Sam is responsible for promoting the profile of Rebound WA; our website and social media presence; and developing marketing and fundraising opportunities. You can contact Sam on sam@reboundwa.com.

Tim Priest, Project Officer

Tim is responsible for assisting the CEO in coordinating events and assisting with other strategic initiatives. You can contact Tim on tim@reboundwa.com.

Linda Edge, Finance and Corporate Services Coordinator

Linda manages our finance, IT, risk, policies, human resources and offers valuable service support wherever it is needed. You can contact Linda on linda@reboundwa.com.

Chantell Tracey, Bookkeeper

Chantell manages our day-to-day transactions and supports Linda in her role. You can contact Chantell on chantell@reboundwa.com.

Natalie Alexander, Project Officer

Natalie spends time each month talking to people in hospital rehabilitation wards encouraging them to exploring what is possible in their lives. She co-runs the Reconnect and Get Active hospital program. You can contact Natalie on natalie@reboundwa.com.

Clint Morgan, Wheel Life Coordinator

Clint facilitates our Wheel Life Disability Awareness Program. He is frequently at various schools, workplaces and community groups to deliver talks on living with disability as well as raising the profile of disability. You can contact Clint on clint@reboundwa.com

Siobhan Cummins, Volunteer Coordinator

Siobhan recruits and retains our volunteers and runs programs supporting children and adults living with physical disabilities. You can contact Siobhan on siobhan@reboundwa.com


Did you know we host a range of activities for adults and children with disabilities to get active?

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